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The labyrinth of Azure Infrastructure as Code Tools - Azure Spring Clean

Hey everyone, Thanks for joining the Azure Spring Clean online event again, in which the Azure community steps up once more, sharing the best tips & tricks on how to keep your Azure environments clean. Discussing optimizations, covering new services and features or overall giving you a view on how to manage your Azure subscriptions even better. You can check out all other blog posts or videos, which can guide you with best practices, lessons learned, or help you with some of the more difficult Azure Management topics at Azure Spring Clean.

Terraform showing an error Panic not a collection type

Hi all, Earlier this week, I got blown away by an interesting Terraform issue. The Problem Running a deployment that ran fine for months. I initiated a new deployment using the usual “terraform init” step, which ran fine. Followed by the usual “terraform plan”, and BOOM, the following message appeared: Panic: not a collection type Since this was a new template I created, I assumed an issue with the syntax or anything similar.