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Coding Apps in Blazor from a non-developer standpoint

Hello readers, The ones who know me already, know I have used traditional on-premises datacenter infrastructure for the first 15 years of my career, before I jumped onto Azure public cloud. Yes, I was an infra guy. And sometimes I still think I am, although I’m more and more shifting to containers and devops over the last 3 years. With the 25 years of IT experience, there was always 1 skillset missing… coding, or learning a development language in better words.

Dotnet tool install dotnet-ef failing with unauthorized

Hi all, I hope you all have great holidays this time around, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your family as well as having the opportunity to learn some new skills, which in my case means learning Blazor, a Framework within the DotNet family, allowing for “any-client” applications (browser, mobile device). My learning journey involves building a front-end Web App, connecting to a SQL (Azure) database back-end. To make this work, I want to use the SQL Server Entity Framework.