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DevOps Workflow Generator

Hey awesome people, For the ones who know me, it shouldn’t be a surprise I’m interested in DevOps, mainly using Azure DevOps and GitHub as core technologies, as well as several side-solutions that integrate with them. So when I heard about the DevOps Workflow Generator, a new free tool from the Microsoft Research Lab division, I wanted to give it a spin. The Concepts of DevOps DevOps according to Microsoft’s Definition: The Union of People, Processes and Products, to enable continuous delivery of value to the business

Azure Spring Clean - DevSecOps and Shifting Left

Hey friends, Welcome to #AzureSpringClean, an initiative from Joe Carlyle and Thomas Thornton which celebrates its 3rd edition this year. I’m thrilled to be part of this again for the 2nd time this year. My first article had security in mind, explaining the difference between Azure Service Principals and Managed Identity. For this second article, I’m staying in the security focus, helping you understand DevSecOps, and how you can optimize security in your application deployment lifecycle, by “shifting left”.