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Dotnet tool install dotnet-ef failing with unauthorized

Hi all, I hope you all have great holidays this time around, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your family as well as having the opportunity to learn some new skills, which in my case means learning Blazor, a Framework within the DotNet family, allowing for “any-client” applications (browser, mobile device). My learning journey involves building a front-end Web App, connecting to a SQL (Azure) database back-end. To make this work, I want to use the SQL Server Entity Framework.

publish your first dotnet5 app to Azure App Services

Today, Nov 10th, was the official date of the long-announced “dotnet5 Framework”, and it is described as a major release. Still being new in the developer world myself, I know the basics of ASP.NET 3.7 and 4.5, so I can imagine jumping to a 5.0 release is indeed a big thing. .NET 5.0 improvements The biggest improvements announced by the Product Team are: Migration-friendly for older .NET versions Production-ready from day 1 of release (thorough-tested for http://www.