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Festive Tech Calendar - Azure AI - OCR on Steroids

Hugo Azure Static Storage Sites Welcome to this year’s Festive Tech Calendar!! Hi everyone, welcome to my contribution to this year’s Festive Tech Calendar once more. This will be the fourth year, and I still love the concept of bringing some (Azure) joy to you/your family this season. If you ask me what the biggest news in tech was this year, especially within the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s Azure AI. Shouldn’t be surprising to most of you who know me and my role within Microsoft as Technical Trainer - providing Azure workshops every week to our top customers and partners across the globe - we also integrated (A lot :)) of AI focus early in the year.

Packt Book Review - Azure Architecture Explained

In this post, I want to share my review of another Azure book I read recently, Azure Architecture Explained this time from Brett Hargreaves and David Rendon published by Packt Publishing and available on Amazon as well as other e-book subscription platforms. Apart from the great content, it was nice to see one of my own Microsoft Technical Trainer Team colleagues, Sarah Kong, providing the foreword. About the book (from the cover) This book provides you with a clear path to designing optimal cloud-based solutions in Azure, by delving into the platform’s intricacies.

Packt Book Review - Azure for Business Decision Makers

In this post, I want to share my review of another Azure book I read recently, Azure for Decision Makers this time from Jack Lee, Jason Milgram and David Rendon published by Packt Publishing and available on Amazon as well as other e-book subscription platforms. About the book Azure for Decision Makers provides a comprehensive overview of the latest updates in cloud security, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions, and cloud migration in Azure.

Trigger a YAML Pipeline from a Classic Release Pipeline in Azure DevOps

Hi y’all! Over the last 18 months, I’ve been developing a tool for our internal Microsoft Trainer team, allowing them to deploy trainer demo scenarios in Azure using a Blazor Front-End web app, connecting to Azure DevOps pipelines using REST API calls. At the start of the project, Classic Release pipelines were still common, since YAML was too new, and rather unknown. However, over the last few months, more and more I was thinking of shifting from Classic to YAML Pipelines.

Azure Back to School - Achieving SRE on Azure

Disclaimer: this was supposed to be a recorded session for Azure Back To School 2023, but due to a too-busy-work-and-family-schedule over the last 2 weeks, I didn’t find the time anymore. While I don’t like to let down this amazing community, I hope the textual descriptions of what I was going to talk about is still appreciated. Achieving Site Reliability Engineering with Azure In today’s digitally driven landscape, ensuring the reliability of cloud-based applications and services is paramount.

Intro to Chaos Engineering and Azure Chaos Studio (Preview)

Hey folks, For the ones who have been following me here for a while, know I’m passionate about Azure and DevOps (and yes, also Azure DevOps, lol). But to be honest, I’ve been eyeing to another Azure Service for a while, Azure Chaos Studio, available in public preview. This article shares an introduction to Chaos Engineering, as well as walks you through the first steps it takes to set up Azure Chaos Studio, create experiments and validate the outcome.

Build an Azure AI chatbot using your own data from blob storage

You must have lived under a rock if you didn’t hear about how important Azure AI is for Microsoft and its partner and customer ecosystem. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), companies will be more innovative, employees will be more productive. While I honestly was a bit hesitant at first myself - knowing a big part of my job is providing training, and seeing what AI can do here in terms of content creation, video creation and alike, yes the trainer role will definitely (has to) change over the next coming months - once I started digging into its capabilities more, I started to see the AI engine potential.