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Collecting Feedback in ADO work items from Office Forms

Hey folks, I’m a fond user of Azure DevOps for testing application builds, running CI/CD pipelines to publish Azure demo scenarios and train our Microsoft global customers on it every few weeks out of AZ-400 training deliveries. One of the lesser-known, yet AWESOMELY POWERFUL features besides ‘running pipelines’ is Azure Boards, providing an end-to-end project methodology platform using Scrum, Agile, CMMI or custom approach. In this post, I mainly wanted to zoom in on the custom capabilities, capturing feedback from employees - which got entered through an Office Forms form, picked up by Azure Logic Apps, and stored in a customized Azure Boards Work Item.

Azure Spring Clean - DCK, ACR, ACI, AKS, ACA, the Azure Container Alphabet Soup

Hey friends, Welcome to #AzureSpringClean, an initiative from Joe Carlyle and Thomas Thornton where I’m honored to be able to participate in again for the 4th year already. Thanks guys for trusting me once more for sharing some Azure knowledge… This time, I wanted to try and guide you through the buzzword of the last couple of years, containers… and more specifically, what different options you have in Azure to run your containerized workloads.

Festive Tech Calendar 2022 - Building a Marvel Hero app using Blazor Web Assembly and Azure Static Web Apps

Building a Marvel Hero catalog app using Blazor Web Assembly Introduction This article describes all the steps on how to develop a Marvel Hero catalog app, using Blazor Web Assembly, and is a companion guide to the Festive Tech Calendar 2022 session I presented. This app introduces Blazor .NET development, and more specifically how to easily create a Single Page App using HTML, CSS and API calls to an external API Service at https://developer.

How OnyxBoox - with some help from a friend - got me back to reading more... books

I have to admit, I am not a real book reader, and the bit of reading I am doing typically involves Azure-related tech books, or what my wife and family describes as “business books” (Biographies, Non-fiction company stories such as the start of Netflix, Uber, Silicon Valley,…). For several years, I relied on an Amazon Kindle app on my (cheap) Samsung A8 tablet, dating from the time I was traveling weekly and wanted to travel light.

How to clear the Azure Portal Recent Resources list

This post is a short one, but something that has been bugging me for a while, where I didn’t even know how to fix it. As I am deploying a lot of different Azure Resources every week while delivering Azure trainings, I also run a lot of deletions during the week, or at least by the end of the week. To repeat about the same process the week after when doing another Azure training delivery.

Book review - Building Blazor WebAssembly Applications with gRPC

In this post, I want to share my review of another Blazor book I read recently, Building Blazor WebAssembly Applications with gRPC this time from Vaclav Perakek, published by Packt Publishing and available on Amazon as well as other e-book subscription platforms. If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m gradually learning more about coding and developing applications, especially using the Blazor .NET framework. What intrigued me even more with this book, is the gRPC integration.

Using Packt Publishing Credits for free books

Hey readers, This is actually a less technical post, although it can lead to a lot of technical resources. I honestly wrote this blog for myself this time, as I struggled in finding a way to get free books in my Packt Publishing subscription. I had credits, but I always forget how to claim them :). So I guess I’m not the only one having that problem. What are Packt Credits, and how to get them Packt allows for one-time paying for a book, getting a monthly paid subscription, a 12-month or 18-month one.