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I'm recognized as a HashiCorp Ambassador

Hey, I got some GREAT NEWS to share, based on an email I received earlier this week: which informed me I am recognized as a HashiCorp Ambassador!! I can imagine that some of you might not be familiar with this recognition. Easy said, it is much like the Microsoft MVP title, rewarding individuals for their outstanding contributions in the technical communities. In my personal case, my first adventures with Terraform started about 5 years ago.

The labyrinth of Azure Infrastructure as Code Tools - Azure Spring Clean

Hey everyone, Thanks for joining the Azure Spring Clean online event again, in which the Azure community steps up once more, sharing the best tips & tricks on how to keep your Azure environments clean. Discussing optimizations, covering new services and features or overall giving you a view on how to manage your Azure subscriptions even better. You can check out all other blog posts or videos, which can guide you with best practices, lessons learned, or help you with some of the more difficult Azure Management topics at Azure Spring Clean.

AKS ErrImagePull and ImagePullBackOff on AKS after a year

Hi all, I’ve deployed me an AKS - Azure Kubernetes Service environment that I use in my Azure training class deliveries almost every week (yes, every AZ-course touches on AKS and Containers…) The Problem My AKS environment was running fine all this time (a bit over a year), allowing me to rely on existing deployed Kubernetes services, as well as building new services as a live demo. Until this morning, where all of a sudden, my own services didn’t start at all, but the kube-system services did.

Dotnet tool install dotnet-ef failing with unauthorized

Hi all, I hope you all have great holidays this time around, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your family as well as having the opportunity to learn some new skills, which in my case means learning Blazor, a Framework within the DotNet family, allowing for “any-client” applications (browser, mobile device). My learning journey involves building a front-end Web App, connecting to a SQL (Azure) database back-end. To make this work, I want to use the SQL Server Entity Framework.

AzCopy failing in Azure Devops with error ServiceCode=AuthorizationPermissionMismatch

Hi all, This is one of the nail biting challenges of our industry, failing in running a straight-forward task. Especially when it is failing… What happened? I was creating a pipeline in Azure DevOps to deploy an ARM template for VM setups with VM Extensions. To prep this deployment, the artifacts (DSC scripts) should be copied to Azure Blob Storage, in order for the Azure DevOps build agent to “find” it.

The weird case of the Visual Studio 2019 Dockerfile

Hey there, I’ve been doing quite a lot with Docker and the different Azure Container Services offerings like Azure Container Instance and Azure Kubernetes Services. As you probably know, the starting point of a containerized application is the Dockerfile. Look at this like an instruction script, which tells Docker what needs to happen, in order to grab the application source code, compile it and produce the container image. Besides the complexity of running containers by itself, I personally think writing a Dockerfile is equally difficult and complex.

publish your first dotnet5 app to Azure App Services

Today, Nov 10th, was the official date of the long-announced “dotnet5 Framework”, and it is described as a major release. Still being new in the developer world myself, I know the basics of ASP.NET 3.7 and 4.5, so I can imagine jumping to a 5.0 release is indeed a big thing. .NET 5.0 improvements The biggest improvements announced by the Product Team are: Migration-friendly for older .NET versions Production-ready from day 1 of release (thorough-tested for http://www.