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Azure is 100% High Available!! or is it...?

Last Friday, I delivered an online session at the “Azure Day Rome 2020", titled “Azure is 100% high available, or is it?” Since the conference sessions were only 45min, I didn’t have much time to drill down on all the details, but apparently I managed to provide a clear and easy overview of several misconceptions around public cloud high-availability, and even more important, how Azure provides several services and architectures, to optimize the overall high availability of your workloads.

How to delete a POD from Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

Hi again, In about every Azure training delivered the last few months, I am talking about Docker and Azure Kubernetes Services - AKS Along these months, the amount of “sample PODS” I am running within the Kubernetes cluster was continuously growing, resulting in a less efficient demo scenario to show. So cleaning up these running PODS was my 5 seconds action this Saturday morning. While not super hard, it actually took me a bit longer than 5 seconds (more like 10min :)), since I forgot a few “basics” on how Kubernetes is running PODS.

Migrating Docker Desktop to WSL2

Hey there, With the May update of Windows 10 (named Windows 2004 :) ) being available since this week, together with DockerCon virtual conference, I think it was the right time to (finally) migrate my current Docker Desktop in Hyper-V mode to the new WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux). In short, the process was smooth, straight forward, and not having any real impact on my “demo environment” I’m using continuously during my Azure training workshops and public speaking gigs.

Running your Hugo site on Azure Static WebApps (Preview)

Only about a month ago, I decided to move my former website (running on Wix) to the Open Source Hugo platform, running it as a static website with MarkDown, using Azure Storage Static Website. For more details on how to do this, have a look at my blog post here I have to say, it runs fine, is cheap, fast, reliable,… But then I discovered the new Azure Static Web App capability, as announced during //Build conference earlier this week, so I wanted to give it a try.

is HTML parameter gone from Logic Apps Send Email Connector

Hi, For almost 2 years, I have been using the “Office 365 Outlook Connector” as part of my Logic Apps flows, to send emails internally and externally. Mainly for external receivers, I used the “is HTML” parameter for the body of the email. This weekend, I was building a new Logic Apps flow, and to my surprise, finding out that the “V2” of this same connector / action, doesn’t have that parameter anymore.

Use Bing Desktop Wallpapers as background images in Teams calls

A few days ago, I blogged about Bing Desktop Wallpapers, a nice little tool you can install on your Windows Machine to enjoy some of the amazing views of the world. Knowing these got stored on your local machine as JPEGs (C:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\BingWallpaperApp\WPImages), got me the idea to reuse these as “Teams Backgrounds” during video calls. As the Bing Wallpaper gets updated every day, it would be nice to have a different image in Teams… every day.

Collecting Hugo static site statistics using Azure Application Insights

Welcome back! About a month ago, I decided to move my former 007FFFLearning website from to something “easier” to use for blog writing. While Wix is an excellent platform, offering an easy way to build a graphical website, besides a ton of plug-ins, it also comes with a cost. And since I didn’t have a need for a lot of the built-in features I was using out of my own business before I joined Microsoft, I wanted to try something new.