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Running your Hugo site on Azure Static WebApps (Preview)

Only about a month ago, I decided to move my former website (running on Wix) to the Open Source Hugo platform, running it as a static website with MarkDown, using Azure Storage Static Website. For more details on how to do this, have a look at my blog post here I have to say, it runs fine, is cheap, fast, reliable,… But then I discovered the new Azure Static Web App capability, as announced during //Build conference earlier this week, so I wanted to give it a try.

is HTML parameter gone from Logic Apps Send Email Connector

Hi, For almost 2 years, I have been using the “Office 365 Outlook Connector” as part of my Logic Apps flows, to send emails internally and externally. Mainly for external receivers, I used the “is HTML” parameter for the body of the email. This weekend, I was building a new Logic Apps flow, and to my surprise, finding out that the “V2” of this same connector / action, doesn’t have that parameter anymore.

Collecting Hugo static site statistics using Azure Application Insights

Welcome back! About a month ago, I decided to move my former 007FFFLearning website from to something “easier” to use for blog writing. While Wix is an excellent platform, offering an easy way to build a graphical website, besides a ton of plug-ins, it also comes with a cost. And since I didn’t have a need for a lot of the built-in features I was using out of my own business before I joined Microsoft, I wanted to try something new.

Running an Azure Storage Static Site, protected by Azure Front Door

Earlier this week, I had the honor to present a session for the Belgian MC2MC Microsoft community, as part of a broader online event week with other Belgian community User Groups ( My session topic was based on a little real-life project I worked on myself only a few weeks ago, deploying a “Hugo” based static website on Azure Storage Account Static Site (Yes, this site you are reading right now…).

My 1st 6 months as an Azure Technical Trainer at Microsoft

Hey, It has been quiet for several weeks on the blog front, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened! The core subject of this post is sharing my happiness around being in the Azure Technical Trainer role for more than 6 months now. (Last time I was at Microsoft in 2016, this was about the time where I figured out I needed to move out of the team, exploring other opportunities…) but not so this time!

New book published: Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide, 3rd edition

You might get amazed, finding out I managed to publish yet another book, where the previous one Efficiently Migrating your workloads to Azure only got published around Christmas. However, this new one was a “longer work in progress”, and not something I could spew out in just a few weeks. Several months ago, I got approached by Packt Publishing, asking me to “write a quick note on how I look at Azure strategic implementation and migration”.

Updated Azure Exams Announced

Things are going fast in the Azure world, and apparently exams are more and more following that pace. Before you start screaming and worrying, as you might be preparing for a current exam, let me share a bit about several steps happening before an exam becomes available. Exam Objectives (OD) For a long time, Microsoft Learning has based exams on “exam objectives”, which is typically a list of “services, features, activities” anyone taking the exam, should master.