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The weird case of the Visual Studio 2019 Dockerfile

Hey there, I’ve been doing quite a lot with Docker and the different Azure Container Services offerings like Azure Container Instance and Azure Kubernetes Services. As you probably know, the starting point of a containerized application is the Dockerfile. Look at this like an instruction script, which tells Docker what needs to happen, in order to grab the application source code, compile it and produce the container image. Besides the complexity of running containers by itself, I personally think writing a Dockerfile is equally difficult and complex.

publish your first dotnet5 app to Azure App Services

Today, Nov 10th, was the official date of the long-announced “dotnet5 Framework”, and it is described as a major release. Still being new in the developer world myself, I know the basics of ASP.NET 3.7 and 4.5, so I can imagine jumping to a 5.0 release is indeed a big thing. .NET 5.0 improvements The biggest improvements announced by the Product Team are: Migration-friendly for older .NET versions Production-ready from day 1 of release (thorough-tested for http://www.

Azure Back To School (with Azure DevOps)

Hey everyone, Wow, it’s September already! Where has summer been? And honestly, where has the (nice) year been? Most of you, just like myself, are probably still working from home, and I guess the same are your kids. Where September used to feel like a fresh start (remember that smell of your new school outfit, the new school equipment, fresh-sharpened pencils, the excitement of learning new things, meeting new class mates,… almost seems like I want to go back to school myself.

Terraform showing an error Panic not a collection type

Hi all, Earlier this week, I got blown away by an interesting Terraform issue. The Problem Running a deployment that ran fine for months. I initiated a new deployment using the usual “terraform init” step, which ran fine. Followed by the usual “terraform plan”, and BOOM, the following message appeared: Panic: not a collection type Since this was a new template I created, I assumed an issue with the syntax or anything similar.

DevOps for Dummies - Emily Freeman - Review

Hey, As some of you know me for years already, you also know I’m rather bad in coding (although I’m learning Blazor since a few weeks, but more on that journey in future posts…), and always “got scared” about DevOps. Especially the Dev part in the word 😊. I still remember being in Bangalore, India early 2016 to deliver an Azure workshop to Microsoft GSI Partners (Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Accenture,…) as a freelance trainer together with Microsoft AzureCAT engineers.

Another Tech Reviewing done: Azure For Architects - 3rd edition

As most of you know, I enjoy writing technical (Azure related) books, but every now and then I am not writing myself, but rather do technical reviewing. A few weeks ago, I was approached by Packt, asking me to review their Azure for Architects - third edition Don’t let the reference to “third edition” fool you, there has been a massive rewrite of several chapters, with fresh new content, more technical information and new chapters were added as well.

Use Docker Edge to Deploy Azure Container Instance - ACI

Hey there, At the recent DockerCon (virtual) Conference, Docker announced a more tightened partnership with Microsoft, boosting the adoption and integration of Docker containers for Windows Server as well as Azure-running workloads. A first announcement involved a cool integration with Azure Container Instance (ACI), a low-level container runtime on Azure, allowing you to run a container without the typical complexity. While ACI has been around for 2 or more years already, it now becomes possible to manage and run your ACI-based containers directly from the Docker commandline.