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How to delete a POD from Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

Hi again, In about every Azure training delivered the last few months, I am talking about Docker and Azure Kubernetes Services - AKS Along these months, the amount of “sample PODS” I am running within the Kubernetes cluster was continuously growing, resulting in a less efficient demo scenario to show. So cleaning up these running PODS was my 5 seconds action this Saturday morning. While not super hard, it actually took me a bit longer than 5 seconds (more like 10min :)), since I forgot a few “basics” on how Kubernetes is running PODS.

Happy to announce my newest Azure book got (self) published

I’m excited about this next project that finally got live, thanks to a bit of quiet time during the Holidays. While it is not up to the full 100% of what I had in mind, I didn’t want to hold back the content any longer, since Azure is moving already that fast… The original idea of this material was based on a workshop I created for Microsoft Internal (Azure Developer Series) in Sept 2018 as a contractor, which was a combination of slides, videos and lab guides.