Azure Mystery Mansion

Posted by Azure Readiness starts here... on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Earlier this week, I discovered "[Azure Mystery Mansion]", published by the Microsoft Azure marketing team. As an Azure enthusiast, I wanted to find out about this mystery ;), actually being really excited about it, as it is primarily focused around giving you an easy, fun, yet interesting learning experience.


What is it?

It heavily reminded me of several PC games I played as a teenager (yes, early ’90s), where you could move around a game, and even deciding on the flow and ending, by clicking keywords. Behind every phrase was a new adventure, and it often felt like you really owned the game, or had a conversation with the characters.

The flow of the Azure Mystery Mansion game is no different! Standing in front of the house, the goal is to walk around the different rooms, and solve “puzzles”. When the puzzle is completed successfully, you win a key. You need 8 different keys to finish the game.

Honestly, literally living in Azure full-time for the last 6 years, answering the puzzles wasn’t the hardest for me. But even if you are totally new to Azure, each puzzle gives you enough hints (actually redirections to Azure documentation at Microsoft Learn), to make sure you can still enjoy (and complete) the game.

And it actually is an easy, fun yet interesting way to learn about Azure - ow wait, I already said that :)

When you manage to complete the game, you satisfied your Uncle Bill’s will, and become the owner of the house. Next to that, you receive a cool badge to show off on Twitter (and tease/invite more people to play the game).


(Note: if you want to know more about how the game idea started, as well as learn about some of the technologies used to build it, have a look at Jen Looper’s blog article here

Have fun playing the game, and learning Azure!