Azure Back To School (with Azure DevOps)

Posted by Azure Readiness starts here... on Sunday, September 13, 2020

Hey everyone,

Wow, it’s September already! Where has summer been? And honestly, where has the (nice) year been? Most of you, just like myself, are probably still working from home, and I guess the same are your kids.

Where September used to feel like a fresh start (remember that smell of your new school outfit, the new school equipment, fresh-sharpened pencils, the excitement of learning new things, meeting new class mates,… almost seems like I want to go back to school myself.

Trust me, I live this moment almost every single week as an Azure Technical Trainer, feeling the excitement from the attendees to learn knew things about Azure, getting their solutions validated or hearing how there problems can be solved by using Azure cloud services. I even feel how nervous they are about taking a Microsoft Certification and become Azure certified.

Azure Back To School

So to stay within the “spirit of continuous learning”, I was more than happy to contribute to Dwayne Natwick’s event Azure Back to School,


and present a session on “Azure DevOps is not for IT Pro (says no one ever again)". Why was I so stupid enough to try and cram this amazing tool in a 30 minute session? I still don’t know why :)

Anyway, during this session, I’m scratching the surface of Azure DevOps capabilities:

  • Azure Devops Repos - GIT-compatible source/version control
  • Azure DevOps Boards - Following on Scrum, Agile and alike development project management, this component provides work items, bug tracking,… including graphical boards
  • Azure Pipelines - Probably the core of the solution, allowing you to enable a complete CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) scenario using YAML or Classic Editor, and deploy our templates/workloads to Azure (or other platforms)

The goal in my 30 min session was to just show you the core capabilities, to at least get you looking into it. If I can get you creating your Azure DevOps Organization and creating your first Azure DevOps project… I have reached my goal :).

Everything else will follow in future blog posts here at, no worries.

That said, if you made it all the way through this post, and you cannot wait to get started with Azure DevOps, send me a DM on Twitter or leave me an email with the exact subject “@zure DevOps - Back To Sch00l” , and I’ll return you a little gift, allowing you to jump into Azure DevOps right away…!

One last thing, there is a lot more cool and interesting Azure stuff to be found on Azure Back to School** for the rest of the month, so grab that opportunity to keep your internal learning daemon happy ;).

See you around! Take care,

thanks, Peter